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Pathfinder is a digital marketplace, where the needs of small tourism businesses and tourism seeking consumers, are at the core of its design. By harnessing the collective benefits of an interactive marketplace that aims to showcase the full array of tourism businesses, a dynamic suite of business tools, and an online environment that’s free of popularity and financially-influenced algorithms, Pathfinder will enhance the effectiveness of how tourism businesses and their customers connect, and over time, will improve the tourism industry’s stability, and even help to future-proof this critical sector.

When Travellers activate their Pathfinder profile, the interactive map and the full suite of Traveller tools, are completely FREE to use. Of course though, when purchases are made through Pathfinder, Travellers are responsible for applicable charges.

When Businesses activate their Pathfinder profile, they’ll have the opportunity to showcase certain aspects of their business on the Community Membership FREE Plan.  And when they’re ready, they can bump things up with the Community Membership Flex Plan, which offers a variety of pricing to suit any business' needs and any budget.  Both of these plans are discussed in more depth further below.

The effect of Businesses and Travellers coming together on Pathfinder, in a more holistic, efficient and effective manner will be critically important to:

  • Enhance each Businesses market reach
  • Reengage the curiosity of Travellers, and delight them to explore more and try new things
  • Grow our local tourism communities
  • Improve the overall success of the tourism industry
  • Enhance our overall economy
  • Make a social impact! Travel and tourism have been proven to have a profound impact on:
    • Reducing poverty and improving health, housing, education, and overall well-being
    • Supporting diversity and inclusion
    • Employing and offering opportunities to people from all walks of life, including minorities, youth, and women
    • Protecting and engaging vulnerable groups and communities
    • Fostering innovation and the preservation of local heritage and culture
Whether we explore locally or abroad, we’re all Travellers. Onward together!

Community Membership Free Plan

When Businesses activate their Pathfinder profile, they’ll have the option to determine how deeply they engage with the platform. If they simply want to promote their business at a high level, they can opt to utilize the Free Plan, and they’ll:

  • Be showcased on the Map
  • Display their business information in the Business Overview section
  • Showcase their photos in the Business Media section
  • Promote their business socials with Social Media links

Community Membership Flex Plan

When Businesses are ready, they can take things up a notch and migrate into the Flex Plan, where they’ll have the option to harness the power of a full suite of business tools, such as:

  • Showcase their videos in the Business Media section
  • Profile their Experiences
    • In the near future, these will also be schedulable, bookable and transactable directly through Pathfinder
  • Display their announcements in the Promo Reel
  • Let people know about their job openings in the Job Board
  • Keep everyone apprised of upcoming events in the Event Listings
  • Announce that their Business is for Sale
  • Let people know when their Business is closed for the season
  • Contribute to Pathfinder’s development direction by suggesting and upvoting new features
  • Work with Pathfinder to develop a high-quality Virtual Tour
  • Utilize the evolving Review system
  • And much more to come…
We know every business has a different budget, and there’s a wide variety of business sizes, so within the Flex Plan, Businesses will be able to choose how much they want to contribute, by selecting the price that they feel suits their business and budget the best. We’ll also be building an à la carte menu board system for the features, so that businesses can integrate an exact mix of features to suit their specific needs. Where most membership models require you to pay for an entire tier when you only need 7 of the 10 options offered, with Pathfinder, Businesses only pay for what they actually need.

Because we’re a very young platform, it’s critical that we establish a stable and consistent base of revenue, while we diligently work to nurture organic traction in the industry, cultivate our user base, grow our team so that we can improve our effectiveness and market reach, and continue to develop valuable features and tools for our incredible Businesses and Travellers!

A membership model is the best way to do this, and we need your support! In return, you’ll receive a platform that’s equipped with an impressive suite of tools specifically designed for your business type, a professional ally that actually listens to, and values your needs, and a tourism aggregator that wants everyone to be successful, not just the top ten. Think of it like crowdfunding our tourism community!

With the Flex Plan, Businesses support the Pathfinder community by contributing a fixed monthly amount.

  • Whether it’s $50 per month, $100, or $200, it all helps us build the future of tourism
  • Billed annually
  • Under the Flex Plan, when Experiences are transacted through Pathfinder there are no commissions withheld, but Travellers will receive a 3% ward, in the form of AdventurePoints 
  • Business Referrals:
    • When a business owner with an active Flex Plan membership refers Pathfinder to another applicable tourism business owner, and that owner also signs their business up for a Flex Plan membership, the referring business will receive one free month added to their membership!
    • Business referral months can be earned at any time, as long as the referring business maintains an active membership.
    • Businesses must indicate the name of the business that referred them to Pathfinder at the time they activate their membership (by email for now, and eventually we’ll build this right into the platform).
      • Ex. If your business is an active Flex Plan member, and you refer ten other businesses to Pathfinder, and six of them sign up for Flex Plans, you’d essentially receive an 18-month membership for the price of 12 months.
As we grow, we'll expand our monetary structure to introduce the Community Membership Share Plan, which is a commission model. With this option, we’ll simply take a small share from each purchase that’s transacted through Pathfinder; likely 7%, 9% or 11%, depending on the value of the purchase.

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