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Building a tribe of Travellers, one adventurer at a time.

For Travellers

#TravelTribe Benefits

An engaging interface, a digital discovery engine that enables travellers to explore the world around them at a deeper level, a one-stop-shop for travel, entertainment, activity and adventure options, a variety of awesome features, tools and push/pull integrations to enhance their experience with the platform, and a thoughtfully designed loyalty program.  

...forever developing, forever iterating, forever improving...

Ready to Use

Business Overview

Business Overviews give Travellers a great snapshot of our Business community members and can be found in the Business Profile under the Overview tab.

As we grow Pathfinder across Canada we'll be adding thousands of tourism-related businesses onto the platform, and building a dynamic suite of features and tools for both the Business community and the #TravelTribe to utilize.

Together we'll spin the flywheel.

Map Exploration

The map is a fundamental aspect of Pathfinder, a key differentiator from any other platform out there, and plays an integral role in making the platform a discovery engine.

Using a map interface allows Travellers to fully deploy their curiosity, explore business profiles in an organic and authentic way, and discover the things they didn't know existed.

Review Experiences

One of the earlier features that's already in place is Experiences. This ever-evolving tool showcases a wide range of Experiences that our diverse Business community has to offer.

And in the near future we'll be expanding the functionality of this feature so that Travellers can send inquiries directly to businesses.  And later on, we'll expand this feature so that it can schedule, book and transact these awesome products and services! This feature can be found in a Business' profile under the Experiences tab.

Business Photos

In the vast majority of scenarios, images speak louder than words. And in an extremely visual industry like tourism, travel and hospitality, providing images and videos is incredibly important for us as Travellers to truly connect with a Business and an Experience.

Currently Travellers can review a small collection photos for each Business, but later on we'll be expanding this space to showcase even more photos per Business, and we'll also be adding videos and Virtual Tours for Travellers to check out!

Keyword Search

We've added a keyword search! You can still explore the map by scrolling, but just in the case you want to embark on a keyword journey, you can!

Like everything, this feature will initially start out more basic, but then we’ll implement more complex iterations down the road. And soon we'll be developing Search Filters, which will provide a super useful integration for the Keyword Search. Onward we go!


This is another light and fluffy feature, but again, pretty darn fun and useful. This tool will live throughout Pathfinder and basically whenever you come across something that you really like you'll be able to share it with your peeps in your social channels.

Things like one of our fantastic Business community members, a really sweet photo, video or virtual tour, an interesting announcement, an event you want your friends to know about, a job you think someone might be interested in, an awesome Experience you might want to partake in, etc.

Like everything else, this will be a feature that will continue to grow and evolve.

Search Filters

As mentioned previously in the Keyword Search info, we've begun deploying the companion exploration functionality with Search Filters!  Travellers can now filter their searches based on Where to Play, Where to Stay, Where to Shop and Events & Festivals.

Later they'll also be able to search by even more granular aspects like activity types, accommodation types, Indigenous and culture-specific businesses/experiences, event listings, jobs posts, businesses for sale, businesses that are open vs. closed for the season, pet friendly, family friendly, if they have a hot tub, etc.  Lots to come.

In Development


In Development

We're adding a favourites tool! And it's called the AdventureSuitcase. Travellers will be able to explore Pathfinder, and as they adventure their way around the map and find things they love, they can add them to a virtual suitcase, to revisit at a later date.

This tool will eventually be connected to our notification system too, so when one of your AdventureSuitcase favourites has an update, a new experience, posts an event, etc. you'll be notified!




Woot woot, here comes the AdventurePoints! With this feature activated, every Experience you purchase directly through Pathfinder will earn you a nice little kickback in the form of a credit.

These credits will accumulate in your Pathfinder Wallet, and then once they hit a certain threshold you'll have the option to deploy them towards your next adventure!

Road Trip Mode v1.0


Hold onto your butts, Road Trip Mode is on its way! This feature is a beast, so it will be an ever-evolving asset. It'll start out more basic and then we'll build on its complexity over time with new versions.

Essentially, the idea with this epic is that people can toggle it on before they hit the open road, input a few route, accommodation and activity parameters, and then Pathfinder will poop out an itinerary. It will also notify you about nifty sight-seeing and activity opportunities along the way.

And Travellers will be able to share and borrow itineraries with the #TravelTribe.

Experience: Bookings


Next level of Experiences! Up until now the Experiences feature has only been a viewing portal, where you can see all of the awesome products and services the lovely business community has to offer, but you haven't been able to purchase them through us.

Well, now you'll be able to! We're developing the next iteration of the Experience tool, and soon you'll be able to view, schedule, book and transact Experiences directly through Pathfinder! Of course there will be a number of versions of this, as it's a very complex and magnificent feature. So stay tuned for its evolution.

Thought Box


Introducing, the Thought Box! Essentially this feature is like a virtual public comment box and will let our amazing community share their thoughts and suggestions for Pathfinder.

Thoughts like new features they'd like to see Pathfinder develop, user experience fixes, changes or updates we should make, a bold new idea about a business type we should include on the platform, and lots more. The community of users will then be able to read these thoughts and upvote them if they agree.

I'm Feeling Lucky


OK, so this is a neat one, and a fun and light feature. Basically when you select I'm Feeling Lucky, Pathfinder will randomly select an on-platform Business Spotlight for you.

And as we develop this feature we'll add in some nifty enhancements like filtering by geography, business type, seasonality, etc.

And, we'll build these spotlights so they're shareable; so if you see something you really like and want to show your peeps, you can send it to one (or all) of your social channels! Groovy hey!

Event Notifications & Reminders


So this is one of those features that's kind of boring, but also super important and useful. Like a minivan. So boring and blah, but omg are they comfy and utilitarian.

Anyway, this category of features will encompass a pretty wide range of things, and it will be built to be highly customizable so that it fits each Traveller's preferences, like a onesie.

I could explain more, but I honestly think you'll just fall asleep. Stay tuned! And if you really want to know more, you can always reach out.

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