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Welcome to Pathfinder365!

The ONLY system that:

  1. Promotes your tourism business on a Discovery Engine entirely built for your success
  2. Makes your business more "discoverable" for new customers
  3. Let's you manage all of your inquiries, customers, conversations, newsletters and social media, in one place
  4. Gives you access to cutting edge automations and AI integrations

Inquire now and we'll get you set up to earn more revenue with less time and effort.

Pathfinder365 Discovery System Overview

  1. An unmatched Lead Management System, that includes: 
    CRM, Missed-Call Text-Backs, Email Automations, Phone/Email Analytics & Reporting, Automatic Review Requests, Unified Conversation Manager, Social Media Scheduling, Email Campaigns & Newsletters, Reputation Manager, Website Builder, Landing Page Funnel Builder, Forms and Surveys...and our support!
  2. Enhance your exposure to Canadian and global audiences
  3. Broaden your access to new customers and revenue streams
  4. A dynamic and user-friendly connection hub, offering limitless promotional opportunities
  5. A unique and cost-effective platform to add to your digital marketing toolkit
  6. A comprehensive, and ever-evolving suite of discovery tools, to promote all of your Experiences, Job Openings, Upcoming Events, Announcements, Updates, Offers, Merchandise, etc.
  7. Pathfinder365 actively works for its business partners and consistently adds new features and tools to your digital toolkit
  8. You'll be a part of a community that’s strategically positioned to make a huge positive social impact
  9. The only digital tourism platform that’s working to harmonize the efforts and strategies of our tourism industry organizations, like ITAC, TIAC and Destination Canada, to fill the gaps they’re simply not designed to fill, and support them to do even more for you
  10. The only tourism community marketplace that provides travellers with a comprehensive suite of features and tools, enhancing how they engage with our business community members
  11. Access to resources, funding, and industry-relevant information
  12. The Pathfinder365 team is constantly coming up with new ideas, new tools, new promotions, and new strategies…seriously…all the time
  13. . We give a $hit


Built for Canadian Tourism

We're building a command centre for activity and accommodation businesses, and the funnest discovery system for travellers.  Lots more to build, but with your support, we'll definitely get there!!

The only tourism community marketplace that, at it’s core, is designed to promote Canadian tourism businesses and help them thrive!!


  1. Forever FREE basic Business profiles
  2. Forever FREE Traveller profiles
  3. Businesses can purchase a Community Membership to access more dynamic tools


Putting Pathfinder365 to Work for You

Harness the power of a dynamic suite of features and tools, and an ethical-algorithm environment!


Join the Movement

Be a part of the revolution, as we expand across Canada and change the face of Canadian tourism forever.

Would you mind stalking our socials?  We'd really appreciate it. 😎


You Ask, We Answer

You have questions? Well my friend, we have answers!

What does Pathfinder365 do?  Why does it exist?   Why is it awesome?  Have another burning question? Talk to Me Goose!


Stay Curious, Dream Big, Discover the World

Follow our bi-weekly blog about various tourism-related topics.

Something about Canada, an interesting topic related to tourism, helpful tips, etc.


What Our Community is Saying

The #Travel365 has spoken!

A Bit More

Digging a Little Deeper

Really?!  You're going to read this stuff too?  Wow, love it!  I bet you wait until the very end of the movie credits, to see if there's a second easter egg. 🤷‍♀️  I do too. 😉😎

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