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Pathfinder365 is your all-inclusive, one-stop source for fantastic adventures, memorable experiences, fun activities, and incredible accommodations. All within a single digital exploration tool.

You're here!  You made it!  You're going to love it!

Pathfinder is headquartered in Saskatoon, and was built with the needs of Canadian tourism business owners and travellers at its core. We have big plans to continuously improve the platform, develop awesome new features and tools, expand it across Canada, and make sure we're always adding value for you, our incredible users.

To start putting Pathfinder to work for you, and to access its full potential, you'll just need to create a Traveller profile. It's completely free. And then from there, you can add your businesses too!


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Travellers & Business Community Memberships

A pricing plan to fit every business size and budget!

For Travellers

Join the Pathfinder #TravelTribe


Pathfinder Travellers will experience the benefits of an algorithm-free platform, full control of their exploration journey, and will be able to discover the things that they didn't know existed.

On Pathfinder’s interactive digital map Travellers can explore a wide variety of travel, activity, entertainment and accommodation options, and eventually, purchase them through the platform.

Travellers will once again be able to harness their full curiosity, and organically explore and discover the world around them.


  • Traveller sign-ups, with the interactive map and the full suite of Traveller tools, are completely FREE to use
  • When purchases are made through Pathfinder, Travellers are responsible for applicable charges

    • Traveller sign-ups are 100% FREE...period

For Tourism Businesses

Join the Pathfinder Business Community


Pathfinder understands the challenges of tourism business owners, juggling many hats on a daily basis. Our digital platform is designed for your business, your industry and your needs.

Your awesome products and services will be showcased fairly, without the interference of popularity or financially-influenced algorithms. 

You'll harness the power of the only tourism aggregator that's also a promotional, marketing and reservation system.


  • Free Business Community Memberships will get a business on the map, and showcase basic business information for FREE
  • Businesses can level up with a Community Membership Flex Plan, with options to suit all needs and budgets
    • Free Business Community Memberships are 100% FREE
    • If you want more tools, there's a fair monthly fee

Introductory Community Membership Offer!!

We'll be straight with you, we're pretty new, so there's still a lot to build, but we have an absolutely epic feature roadmap planned for the next 12 months, and with your support, we can do it. 😀💃

So for a limited time, for all of our pathfinding business allies that take the leap with us, we're offering a simple, and economically priced introductory offer.

Sign up for a Pathfinder365 Community Membership
by the end of May, 2023,andreceive access to EVERY awesome business tool we build in the first 2 years.

All for the simple low rate of $50 per month!! 🚀

That's a$4,800 value for just $600/year! 🥳

Free Plan


Free is fine! 🌞 We totally get it. Your business has a lot of expenses to juggle and you're not entirely convinced yet that you want to take another one on. Spend some time getting to know Pathfinder, and eventually, I think we'll get there. ✨

Flex Plan


Good gravy we appreciate you! 👍  You've unlocked the first level of the Flex Plan and your support is everything to us! You can now add Experiences to your profile and we'll display your TripAdvisor review in The Exchange. You can also add any other features to your toolkit a la carte. We 💖 you so much! 😎

Flex Plan


Things are really heating up! Your partnership means the world to us! 🌎  At this level you can add the Promo Reel to your toolkit, and you can showcase Videos and Virtual Tours in your Media section! And, if you have a seasonal business, you can let people know when you're open and when you're closed.🤟

Flex Plan


Boom, this is incredible! 💥 At this level, you can access Event Listing and you can harness the power of the Job Board to maximize your hiring potential.  You'll also receive one bonus month in your membership, completely free! 👌

Flex Plan

Power Couple

Power Couple - Clear the runway, there's a new power couple in town! 💃  At this level, any new feature we develop will automatically be included in your toolkit for free, and there's a lot of awesomeness to come. 😜

Flex Plan

À la Carte
À la Carte
Feature Menu Board

As we develop the platform, we'll also implement an à la carte menu board. 😃 Business owners will be able to purchase features individually and create a customized suite of tools that fits their business' unique needs.  That way you can be sure to only pay for the features you need. 🚀


Join the Movement

Be a part of the revolution, as we expand across Canada and change the face of Canadian tourism forever.

Would you mind stalking us? We'd really appreciate it. 😁


You Ask, We Answer

You have questions? Well my friend, we have answers!

We've curated a robust list of questions we think people might have about Pathfinder; what it does, why it exists, why it's awesome...and we've gone ahead and answered them.

If you have another burning question though, please fill out the Talk to Me Gooseform at the bottom of this page.


Stay Curious, Dream Big, Discover the World

We'll regularly post a blog about various tourism-related topics.

It might be interesting facts about Canada, or info about a specific province. It might be important industry news or perhaps some cool updates about Pathfinder.

Or maybe it'll be an AwesomeSauce. What's that!? See below!


Do you own a tourism business that has some serious AwesomeSauce,and the world should know about it?We want to hear from you!

It's simple:

  1. Email Pathfinder by booping the buttom below
  2. Send us a video (under 1 minute) or a blurb (under 750 characters) describing your business' AwesomeSauce
  3. Include the business name, website, and any social tags and hashtags you want us to include
  4. We'll create a post in our socials, an AwesomeSauce issue on our blog page, and we'll link to it in our newsletter

Features & Tools

Putting Pathfinder to Work for You

Harness the power of a dynamic suite of features and tools, and an algorithm-free environment!


Get Started


You have Thoughts, We have Ears!

Discover Canada in the palm of your hands

A discovery engine like no other, Pathfinder365 lets you uncover the thousands of hidden gems throughout our country that you didn't even know existed.

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Digging a Little Deeper

Really?! You're going to read this stuff too? Wow, love it! I bet you wait until the very end of the movie credits, to see if there's a second easter egg. 🤷‍♀️ I do too. 😉😎

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