A digital command centre for your activity or accommodation business...

...from Discovery, to Inquiry, to Booking.

All the tools you need in one platform

Discovery & Promotion


Lead & Inquiry Management

$3,970 / year

(soon) Booking & Scheduling

Shared Success

Built for small to medium sized Canadian tourism businesses

  • Do you own or operate:

    • an activity or accommodation business

    • a travel-related store, or perhaps run

    • an event or festival

  • Then you'll benefit from our unique and dynamic system!

  • Pathfinder365 is a comprehensive Digital Command Centre, that offers all the tools you need in one platform, without having to duct-tape multiple platforms together!


Capture leads using our suite of discovery tools, landing pages, CRM, automations, missed-call text-back, surveys, forms, calendars, review and reputation manager, email templates & more!


Automatically message leads via SMS, emails, FB Messenger, Live Chat & more!


Use our built-in tools to collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics!

"Pathfinder365 is positioned to become the most influential software system for the Canadian tourism industry."

  • Make your business more "discoverable" for new customers.

  • Add a heightened level of digital sophistication to how you manage your inquiries, customer data, conversations, emails, calls, sales, social media...and much more.

  • Deploy a fully integrated AI chat system, equipped with a personality unique to your business.

  • Access to cutting edge automations and AI integrations.

Do MORE with less time and less effort.

Sturgeon River Ranch

"This will be a game changer for tourism companies. There are too many niche platforms that waste operators time signing up for and maintaining a presence on. Pathfinder will be a one stop shop for showing your product to the consumers once it gets the exposure. Very excited to watch it grow."

- John Prosak -

Loecos Adventures

"Pathfinder365 is, to me, the perfect travel app. Eliminating Google searches that only bring up the highest paid advertisements.

Easy to find businesses in the local I'm in, or headed to."

- Craig Costello -

Discovery Site

Lead Management

Booking & Scheduling

Business Tools:

  • Lead Management

  • Experiences

  • Job Board

  • Events & Festivals

  • Virtual Tours

  • Photos & Videos

  • For Sale Notices

  • Live Chat

  • Merch Store

  • Live Updates

constantly iterating...

Traveller Tools:

  • Keyword Search

  • AdventureSuitcase

  • Road Tripper

  • Experiences

  • AdventurePoints

  • Search Filters

  • Thought Box

  • I'm Feeling Lucky

  • Event Alerts

  • Share-it

changing the game...

We bring values to the table that matter...

  • An unmatched Lead Management System, that includes:

    CRM, Missed-Call Text-Backs, Email Automations, Phone/Email Analytics & Reporting, Automatic Review Requests, Unified Conversation Manager, Social Media Scheduling, Email Campaigns & Newsletters, Reputation Manager, Website Builder, Landing Page Funnel Builder, Forms and Surveys...and our support!

  • Enhance your exposure to Canadian and global audiences

  • Broaden your access to new customers and revenue streams

  • A dynamic and user-friendly connection hub, offering limitless promotional opportunities

  • A unique and cost-effective platform to add to your digital marketing toolkit

  • A comprehensive, and ever-evolving suite of discovery tools, to promote all of your Experiences, Job Openings, Upcoming Events, Announcements, Updates, Offers, Merchandise, etc.

  • Pathfinder365 actively works for its business partners and consistently adds new features and tools to your digital toolkit

  • Pathfinder365 actively works for its business partners and consistently adds new features and tools to your digital toolkit

  • You'll be a part of a community that’s strategically positioned to make a huge positive social impact

  • The only digital tourism platform that’s working to harmonize the efforts and strategies of our tourism industry organizations, like ITAC, TIAC and Destination Canada, to fill the gaps they’re simply not designed to fill, and support them to do even more for you

  • The only tourism community marketplace that provides travellers with a comprehensive suite of features and tools, enhancing how they engage with our business community members

  • Access to resources, funding, and industry-relevant information

  • The Pathfinder365 team is constantly coming up with new ideas, new tools, new promotions, and new strategies…seriously…all the time.

  • We give a $hit

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