Power Up Your Business with an

Operational Command Centre:

The tools your Business

needs to succeed!

We'll help you consolidate all of your promotional, discovery, and (soon) booking tools.

And empower your business with the transformative efficiency of AI and intelligent automation.

With Pathfinder365, you’ll build

a Digital Command Centre

All the tools you need in one platform without having to "duct-tape" multiple platforms together!

As well as seamless integrations with some of the most powerful and reputable systems on the market.

  • Capture

Capture leads using our suite of discovery tools, landing pages, CRM, automations, missed-call text-back, surveys, forms, calendars, review and reputation manager, email templates & more!

  • Nurture

Automatically message leads via SMS, emails, FB Messenger, Live Chat & more!

  • Close

Use our built-in tools to collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics!

Quick pause before we dig in:

We want to be clear about something. We’re looking for innovative businesses and forward-thinking owners to partner with.

Our motto is, if we lay out the real challenges you and I both know exist for small businesses, and we showcase the super effective solutions we’re offering to solve them, the value we're providing is really a no-brainer.


It’s also important to note that Pathfinder365 is comprised of both front-end and back-end systems. So what you see on the front-end, on our free Discovery Site, isn’t everything we offer.


While we’re building an awesome community-centric discovery platform, we’re also on a mission to integrate award winning platforms, creating a unified hub of problem-solving systems for Canadian tourism businesses.

Ready? Let’s dig in!

Challenges & Solutions:

🚀 Now let’s review some common challenges that all

small businesses like yours face ... and the solutions our system provides. 💥

Challenge #1:

People are reaching out 24/7, but very few business owners/managers can be available that entire time,

let alone responsive within 5 minutes.

Average cost of tools like this:

$197 / month

  • Solution #1:

    Speed to Lead Automatic AI Responses

We’ve integrated one of the smartest chatbot systems into our portfolio, with ZappyChat, and we’ve made this system available to all of our customers, as a part of their Pathfinder365 membership.

Picture having your very own chatbot, backed by the greatest LLM (large language model) with ChatGPT.

Your business will instantly respond to:

- all inquiries with custom dialogue,

- across all platforms, in one place,

- having real conversations,

- and nurturing leads into customers.

It’s your very own trainable, deployable, assistant.

And if you miss a call, our automated missed-call text-backs have you covered!

We’ve just hired you a new assistant, ready to train and deploy into the wild, and they don’t need to be paid...

A bit more data on speed to lead:

Challenge #2:

Don’t have the time, or the systems in place, to nurture leads over weeks or even months, getting the 7 to 10 touches often needed to convert them into customers.

  • Solution #2:

    Automated Answering Service and Nurture Sequences

Further to the AI Chatbot noted in the previous challenge, we also offer automatic workflows with customizable nurture sequences.

These can be instant responses as well, and can also consistently and dynamically respond to your inquiries, over long spans of time…days, weeks, or even months, and nurture them into customers. Inquiries frequently need multiple touches in order to coax them across the purchasing chasm.

Plus, nurture sequences will also reduce the time you spend on inquiries that will never convert…aka, the tire kicker time-suck.

Great…onto the next challenge we can solve…

Average cost of tools like this:

$285 / month

Challenge #3:

Limited time to manage multiple social media platforms, plus all of the conversations.

Average cost of tools like this:

$32 / month

  • Solution #3:

    Social Media Planner and Scheduler

Our content & AI powered social media planner covers all of your bases, letting you plan out and schedule all of your social posts, across all of the major platform’s, months in advance.

Plus, all conversations that come through these social channels are funneled through our unified conversation manager, and captured in the CRM.

And like everything else with this dynamic system, there’s new stuff coming down the pipeline all the time.

Speaking of CRMs, I think you’ll like this next item…

Challenge #4:

Potential revenue falling through the cracks, and struggle to keep track of customers and their info.

  • Solution #4:

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our integrated CRM will greatly reduce the revenue bleed, and will give you a dashboard of all of your customers, all data collected, every interaction with them, the workflows they’re in, and so much more.

CRMs enable businesses to build stronger relationships through personalized and efficient interactions. It also streamlines sales, marketing, and customer service processes, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention, and ultimately driving business growth.

This will be a game changer for you. Onto the next!

Average cost of tools like this:

$32 / month

Challenge #5:

No idea what stages your leads and inquiries are at in the sales pipeline.

Average cost of tools like this:

$15 / month

  • Solution #5:

    Opportunities Pipelines

Harness the power of our fantastic and highly customizable pipelines to manage every stage of your sales opportunities’ journeys.

You can track what stage they’re at, automatically add tags, trigger automations that kick them in and out of nurture sequences, and basically have a fully automated sales system helping you move your leads into the win column.

Well this feature will nip that challenge, and so should the next feature…

Challenge #6:

Don’t get around to asking for reviews from enough customers!

  • Solution #6:

    Automatic Review Collector

Let our amazing lead management system automatically ask your favourite customers for reviews. Never miss a single opportunity to ask a customer for a review. Most of your customers want to give you a good review, they just don’t get around to it, and could use a nudge.

For the most part, it's simply a matter of asking, and reminding, and reminding... Which is time consuming, and likely time you can't spare. But this too can be automated with our system. This is a game changer for review collection.

Like your very own review-collecting assistant. How awesome is that!

Average cost of tools like this:

$146 / month

Challenge #7:

Not getting enough referrals.

Average cost of tools like this:

$146 / month

  • Solution #7:

    Referral Generator

Similar to the Automatic Review Collector, a lot of your customers would be happy to give you a referral, they just need to be asked. But who has the time?!

Let our system automatically ask every one of your customers, every single time, so you don’t have to make it awkward, or leave any more money on the table.

Well, I’m looking forward to helping you recoup that money...

Challenge #8:

Need more appointments/bookings, but then managing the confirmations, reminders, changes, etc. is a headache.

  • Solution #8:

    Appointment Manager

Combine AI and automations with our integrated appointment calendar and quickly turn the chaos of managing meetings into a structured calendar.

Including automatic appointment confirmations and reminders through email and SMS, and automatic follow-ups for no shows or cancellations, nurturing them to rebook their appointment.

This feature will save you a lot of headaches and time. And so will the next one...

Average cost of tools like this:

$28/ month

Challenge #9:

Not enough sales, or not selling online.

Average cost of tools like this:

$229/ month

  • Solution #9:

    Online Sales

I’ve honestly never heard a business owner say they have enough sales, unless it was a retired couple; then that’s really an entirely different thing.

Every other small business generally wants to grow, and wants even more security and financial padding that comes from more sales.

By adding our system to your business operations and combining it with your business knowledge and your fantastic offerings…our platform has the potential to turn your business into a well-oiled digital sales machine.

Adding the ability to sell online, or to simplify, streamline or enhance how you sell online, with a website builder, products and packages, and funnel pages. We have it all!

Let’s make this the best year ever!

Challenge #10:

No place for a small tourism business to truly be discovered, or a platform that’s entirely built for small to medium sized Canadian tourism business' success.

  • Solution #10:

    There is now! The Pathfinder365 Discovery System!

Our Discovery System is an essential tool for Canadian activity and accommodation businesses, as it offers a specialized platform that amplifies your visibility, connecting you with a broader audience of local and international travellers, and eliminates the interference of popularity indexing and unethical algorithms that are focused on data and advertising.

And, it's 100% FREE for travellers, as well as all of Canada's tourism businesses, including accommodations, activities, and tourism-centric gift shops.

Our suite of discovery and management tools caters specifically to the unique needs of the Canadian tourism industry, fostering growth and enhancing the overall adventure experience.

Plus, it's really important to note that utility systems that support the back-end operations of your business, almost NEVER provide a front-end promotional system. So, while these systems support your business behind the scenes, they aren't paired with a system that's visible to your customers, promoting you, and helping you get discovered by adventurers that don't know you exist.

And the vice-versa is true for promotional sites...they're rarely paired with any operational systems.

Let alone a comprehensive command centre like we've built.

Once again, the Discovery System, and the full suite of discovery tools, is completely FREE!!

Drum roll please...

Concerned about the Cost?

  • Not necessary! We think the cost of our system might surprise you.

When you join Pathfinder365, you can do away with a LOT of other systems, and their associated costs.

All the tools you need in one platform without having to "duct-tape" multiple platforms together, or connect systems with zaps.

This Command Centre replaces

over $1,500 per month worth of systems!

(and that's often just the basic features)

That's over $18,000 per year! 😲

You’ll replace all of these tools, with a single, powerful system.

  • Together, these systems cost thousands of dollars a month.

  • Especially once you move past the base price.

Obviously there might be some things in here you don’t currently use, but your business can definitely find value to grow into the opportunities these tools offer, with no additional financial impact on your budget.

And we’re continuously adding new tools to our vault.

With Pathfinder365, we offer a full spectrum of powerful tools, no feature caps, and unlimited users.

For just $397 per month, or $3,970 per year!

(annual membership = 2 months FREE)

And if you want us to get things set up for you,

that’s just a one-time fee of $497.

Uncomplicated Pricing:

Discovery System:

*** The entire Discovery Suite is FREE ***

Discovery Site

Dynamic Suite of Promotional and Marketing Tools


The Discovery Suite is a continuously evolving set of unique marketing and promotional tools, that have been elegantly integrated with a digital map...creating a one stop source for tourism discovery.

Available to Use:

  • Experience Inquiry System

  • Events & Festivals

  • Job Board

  • AdventureSuitcase

In the Near-Future Development Queue:

  • Experience Booking System

  • Merch Stores

  • Roadtripper AI

  • Enhanced Filtering

  • Dynamic Notifications

  • AdventurePoints

    ...more to come!

*** 100% FREE to use for Businesses and Travellers

*** All tools are self-managed

Booking & Scheduling System

We only earn when you win


  • You can promote, transact and sell your business' Experience packages directly through our platform, and we'll only take a small percentage of the shared success.

  • Similar for Events, Festivals and Merchandise. When these items are transacted through our platform, we'll take a very small percentage of the win we've shared together.

*** In Development - Early/Mid 2024

Lead Management System:

One price gets you everything! We don't drip out the tools, and mess around with tiers. You get it all. Simple.


Dip your toes in with the month-to-month option


/ Month

Our comprehensive and dynamic Lead Management System includes the following amazing features (which are growing every month!):

  • CRM

  • Automatic Text-Backs

  • Email Automations

  • Automatic Review Requests

  • Unified Conversation Manager

  • Social Media Scheduling

  • Email Campaigns & Newsletters

  • Reputation Manager

  • Website Builder

  • Landing Page Funnel Builder

  • Forms & Surveys

  • and more!!

  • Capture: Capture leads using our suite of discovery tools, landing pages, CRM, automations, missed-call text-back, surveys, forms, calendars, review and reputation manager, email templates & more!

  • Nurture: Automatically message leads via SMS, emails, FB Messenger, Live Chat, WhatsApp & more!

  • Close: Use our built-in tools to collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics!


Dive in and get some awesome bonuses with the annual option


/ Year

Everything from the Monthly Plan, plus a couple sweet added benefits!

  • Two Months Free!!

  • Loyalty Reward!!

We value continuous, long-lasting partnerships. And one way we show our appreciation is by offering a progressive 5% discount on our uninterrupted annual Lead Management System memberships.

  • Year 1 - $3,970

  • Year 2 - $3,970 - 5% = $3,772

  • Year 3 - $3,970 - 10% = $3,573

  • Year 4 - $3,970 - 15% = $3,375

  • Year 5 - $3,970 - 20% = $3,176

    (5th year = 4 months free!)

  • This will only be for continuous, annual subscriptions

  • If a business leaves, and then comes back, they'll restart at $3,970/year

  • Discount stabilizes at year 5

ONE-TIME Onboarding Fee

Save time with our optional onboarding



  • It can be extremely time consuming and down-right intimidating to integrate a new system into your business operations.

  • And to be honest, most small businesses don't have the time or the digital bandwidth to get systems like this set up to be truly effective solutions for them.

  • Instead, the new system is added to bottom of the list of problems the owner/manager has to solve.

  • A system is only as good as it's initial integration, its adoption by the team, and its ongoing management.

  • We'll help get you set up, so you can make the most out of this incredible system, and keep you on track to ensure it's solving problems for you every single day.

Other Services:

More cool stuff...

Website Rebuild

Have a LMS membership with us, and you're looking for a fresh start with your website? Look no further!


/ 4 Standard Web Pages

If you've purchased a Lead Management System membership with us and you're interested in shifting your existing website over to your awesome new system, we can help you out.

Price Includes:

  • Framing out 4 standard website pages: Home Page, Amenities, Blog, Resources/FAQs/Extra Info

    • Dialogue, images and videos from existing website will be repurposed to new site

    • Two rounds of minor content and design revisions

  • We'll assist with the transfer of your domain to your LMS system

  • We'll walk you through your new website, and give you a run-through of how you can easily update and maintain it yourself


  • Additional website page development - $1,350/page

  • Funnel/Landing Page development - $1,755/page


  • Enhanced Brand Communication: A modern, updated website allows you to better communicate your brand values, focusing on customer needs and preferences, fostering loyalty and trust.

  • Improved SEO and Site Traffic: Rebuilding your site can enhance its structure, making it more user-friendly for both visitors and search engines, leading to increased site traffic.

  • Increased Lead Quality and Volume: A timely website redesign can attract higher quality leads, improving your marketing funnel's effectiveness and ROI.

  • Boosted Visitor Experience: An aesthetically pleasing site with a thoughtful customer journey enhances user experience, encouraging visitors to stay longer and engage more with your content.

  • Better Usability with Content Management Systems (CMS): Moving to a CMS like ours can simplify website management, ensuring ease of updates and maintenance, thereby avoiding potential downtime and security issues.

  • Integrated Funnel Builder: Integrating a funnel builder into your website can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, ensuring that you can nurture leads at various stages of the buying journey more efficiently.

  • Blog Scheduling System: Implementing a blog scheduling system enables you to plan and automate the publication of blog posts, ensuring consistent engagement with your audience, and allows your team to work more efficiently by batching content creation and scheduling it in advance.

Blog Development

We all know content is super important. Save time by letting us develop and schedule your blogs!


/ 12 Blogs

Content is absolutely critical for your online presence, and staying top-of-mind with your customers. But sometimes it feels like there's no time, and it's all just a bit relentless.

So let us take the wheel on a single piece, and get your blogs squared away for the year.

Price Includes:

  • Drafting 12 blog topics

    • One round of topic revisions

  • Writing 12 monthly blogs of approx. 400 words each, based on the approved topics

    • One round of blog revisions

  • Scheduling 12 monthly blogs to automatically deploy over a 12 month period

    • Option 1: Utilize Pathfinder365's Lead Management System and its integrated Websites and Blog system

    • Option 2: Another blog building & scheduling platform is in place, and the business can give us access

    • Option 3: We can simply hand the blogs over to the business

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