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Hello Tourism Enthusiasts!!

Welcome to Pathfinder365!

Pathfinder365 is a digital command centre, supporting the end-to-end digital needs of small to medium sized Canadian tourism businesses...from Discovery & Promotion, to Lead & Inquiry Management, (and soon) to Booking & Scheduling.

As we evolve our own technology, and leverage strategic integrations, our focus is the holistic support and growth of the Canadian tourism industry. We're the first and only software to create a powerful operational command centre for tourism businesses, and we aim to become the most useful platform for local and micro-tourism.

Existing platforms primarily showcase popular experiences, leaving much of the industry unsupported. Pathfinder365 stands apart by championing and promoting smaller businesses, aiming for inclusivity across the diverse tourism landscape. In a world dominated by financially-driven algorithms and ads, travellers often miss out on lesser-known, but exceptional, experiences. Pathfinder365 seeks to rectify this imbalance by offering a fairer representation, ensuring a broader discovery of brilliant destinations.

Pathfinder365’s mission is to revolutionize the current landscape of tourism platforms, advocating for fairness and a more comprehensive view of available travel experiences, while providing a full suite of promotional and lead management tools for its business partners, and a suite of discovery tools for its travellers.

The ONLY system that:

  1. Promotes your business on a discovery engine entirely built for your success

  2. Makes your business more "discoverable" for new customers

  3. Let's you manage all of your inquiries, customers, conversations, newsletters, websites, landing pages, and social media (and more) in one place

  4. Gives you access to cutting edge automations and AI integrations

Inquire now and we'll get you set up to

earn more revenue with less time and effort.


Discovery & Promotion | Lead & Inquiry Management | (soon) Booking & Scheduling

Supporting the end-to-end needs of

small to medium sized Canadian tourism businesses

Pathfinder365 is a Discovery System where the needs of small tourism businesses and adventurers are at its core.

Harness the collective benefits of:

  • An interactive map designed to enhance the discoverability of small to medium sized tourism businesses across Canada

  • A continuously-evolving suite of discovery tools

  • A comprehensive lead management system operating behind the scenes

  • And soon, a booking, scheduling and transaction system

...Pathfinder365 is positioned to become the most influential digital aggregator for the local and micro-tourism industry.

Why Pathfinder365?

  • An unmatched Lead Management System, that includes:

    CRM, Missed-Call Text-Backs, Email Automations, Phone/Email Analytics & Reporting, Automatic Review Requests, Unified Conversation Manager, Social Media Scheduling, Email Campaigns & Newsletters, Reputation Manager, Website Builder, Landing Page Funnel Builder, Forms and Surveys...and our support!

  • Enhance your exposure to Canadian and global audiences

  • Broaden your access to new customers and revenue streams

  • A dynamic and user-friendly connection hub, offering limitless promotional opportunities

  • A unique and cost-effective platform to add to your digital marketing toolkit

  • A comprehensive, and ever-evolving suite of discovery tools, to promote all of your Experiences, Job Openings, Upcoming Events, Announcements, Updates, Offers, Merchandise, etc.

  • Pathfinder365 actively works for its business partners and consistently adds new features and tools to your digital toolkit

  • You'll be a part of a community that’s strategically positioned to make a huge positive social impact

  • The only digital tourism platform that’s working to harmonize the efforts and strategies of our tourism industry organizations, like ITAC, TIAC and Destination Canada, to fill the gaps they’re simply not designed to fill, and support them to do even more for you

  • The only tourism community marketplace that provides travellers with a comprehensive suite of features and tools, enhancing how they engage with our business community members

  • Access to resources, funding, and industry-relevant information

  • The Pathfinder365 team is constantly coming up with new ideas, new tools, new promotions, and new strategies…seriously…all the time.

  • We give a $hit

Solutions Snapshot:

The tools your Business needs to succeed!

Discovery & Promotion

Lead & Inquiry Management

(soon) Booking & Scheduling

With Pathfinder365,

you’ll build a Digital Command Centre

All the tools you need in one platform without having to "duct-tape" multiple platforms together!

As well as seamless integrations with some of the most powerful and reputable systems on the market.


Capture leads using our suite of discovery tools, landing pages, CRM, automations, missed-call text-back, surveys, forms, calendars, review and reputation manager, email templates & more!


Automatically message leads via SMS, emails, FB Messenger, Live Chat & more!


Use our built-in tools to collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics!

Tools Snapshot:

Putting Pathfinder365 to Work for You

Latest Updates:

  • Menu items tool theme based on user authentication

  • Stripe subscription renewal improvements

  • General UI/UX fixes and improvements

  • Integrate ZappyChat/LMS chatbot

  • Fix events creation flow and datetime validation

  • Allow Business toggle on/off experience add-ons

  • Integrated map view on traveller aggregation pages

  • Removed unused backend dependencies

  • Added map control buttons for zoom and rotation

  • Added new events count notation

  • Dug into Auth0 changes for the rules deprecation

always developing...

Business Tools:

  • Lead Management

  • Experiences

  • Job Board

  • Events & Festivals

  • Virtual Tours

  • Photos & Videos

  • For Sale Notices

  • Live Chat

  • Merch Store

  • Live Updates

constantly iterating...

Traveller Tools:

  • Keyword Search

  • AdventureSuitcase

  • Road Tripper

  • Experiences

  • AdventurePoints

  • Search Filters

  • Thought Box

  • I'm Feeling Lucky

  • Event Alerts

  • Share-it

changing the game...

Frequently Asked Questions Snapshot:

For all the FAQ's, check out the FAQ page!

What are the benefits to Tourism Businesses?

As a tourism Business owner who consistently lacks the time and resources to manage it all, you'll join a community where you can showcase your products and services on a virtual map, and harness the power of the only tourism aggregator that's also a promotional, marketing, and reservation system, and that's been built with the needs of your Business at the core of its design.

Pathfinder is designed to put tourism Businesses centre stage, not just the things that some of them sell that qualify as experiences, which actually eliminates a large swath of this very diverse industry. Instead, Travellers will be exposed to every small to medium sized tourism-related Business in their region of interest, and everything that these Businesses want to showcase to the world.

With a Pathfinder365 Community Membership, Businesses can market the full array of their experiences, promote all of their products and services, display all of the events they have coming up, shout out any announcements they have, showcase all of positions they need to fill, advise on their seasonality status, let the world know their Business is looking to transition ownership, and much more. Businesses will have access to a full suite of promotional and marketing tools, a community of allies, professional resources, and a variety of featured partners and specialists.

What differences will I find on Pathfinder365, versus other online tourism systems?

This is an awesome question, and a big one, and also super important. So settle in…

In a nutshell, if you really dig into these other systems, you’ll find that there’s nothing else that’s designed to support the full breadth of the micro-tourism industry, which actually makes up about 99% of the tourism industry. Instead, the vast majority (like Airbnb, VRBO, TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook) are focused on profiting off of the most popular, the most advertised and the most lucrative. Which actually works very well for them.

But what about all the little Businesses that have wonderful products and services that aren't visible above the fold? Like dinner theatres on a train, axe throwing, backcountry horseback riding, dog sledding excursions, snowmobile rentals and tours, escape rooms, VR parlours, go-carts, SUPs and kayak tours, museums and art exhibits…and the list goes on. This is the stuff that far more of us access far more often, versus the highly curated experiences, and the things in top ten lists.

And the brutal fact is, these other software systems do not care if your Business gets a fair shake, or if it’s successful in any way, because that’s not what they’ve been designed to do. They’ve been designed around profit funnels. They have not been designed to elevate the tourism industry, nor have they been designed to support an individual Business’ success.

This is where Pathfinder comes in. Pathfinder is built to support the entire micro-tourism industry by establishing a community, with a foundation centred around Business success and Traveller discovery. All Businesses have an equal opportunity to shine, and Travellers can harness the power of their curiosity and discover the things they didn’t know existed.

Plus, unlike anyone else, we’re building a comprehensive toolkit for Businesses, and for Travellers.

Why has no one else made a system like Pathfinder365?

The straightforward answer is, because they don’t need to.

The Business models of the online tourism systems (Airbnb, VRBO, TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook), which is to promote and support local hosts, to take a cut off of the most advertised and the most popular stuff, or to monetize on advertisements, is perfectly valid, and super profitable. There’s no need to fix anything they’re doing, because it works well for them.

But we wanted to go a different route with Pathfinder365. We truly believe we can be successful, and profitable, while also enhancing the success and profitability of the entire tourism industry, promoting and showcasing all of the small to medium sized tourism Businesses in Canada, and giving Travellers a platform where they can fully deploy their curiosity and discover the things they didn’t know existed.

What differences will Businesses and Travellers continue to find on Pathfinder365?

Pathfinder's commitment:

Pathfinder365 will continue to differentiate itself by offering a full suite of Business tools that have been built for the unique needs of small to medium sized tourism Businesses. We’ll also differentiate ourselves by offering a full suite of tools for Travellers, designed to enhance their travel and exploration experience.

Pathfinder will continue to connect and harmonize the efforts of every CMO, DMO and Tourism Organization across Canada, while filling in the many gaps that these entities are not designed to fill.

We’ll provide value by maintaining a system that’s designed for tourism Businesses to promote their fantastic products and services on an equal footing, and that’s also designed for Travellers to organically explore and discover the world around them.

Businesses and Travellers will both find that their respective promotional and exploration efforts aren’t manipulated by popularity or financially influenced algorithms.

With Pathfinder365, users will experience the only digital community marketplace that’s been built for their needs, for their success and for their enjoyment.

What are the benefits to Travellers?

On Pathfinder, the power of discovery will be put back in the hands of Travellers.

As an experiential Traveller, you'll be able to virtually explore a world of possibilities on this interactive map, without the interference of popularity indexes. Your curiosity will be your only guide, as you unfold your next adventure.

Pathfinder is built on an interactive map, which gives Travellers full control of their discovery journey, and enables Businesses to be stumbled upon. There’s no other tourism platform that is specifically designed to allow for this type of organic discovery. Travellers can literally scroll across the map and explore everything there is to see and do and where to stay, without any algorithmic interference. Or they can use the keyword search and filters, but these will also be under their control.

Travellers will have access to a fantastic suite of tools that have been designed to connect them with a community of Travellers, share things that matter to them with their social scene, and enhance their ability to organically explore and discover the world around them.

What types of Businesses will find value on Pathfinder365?

Great question! And it might surprise you, but almost every Tourism Business will find value on Pathfinder.

Some examples are listed below. This is by no means an exhaustive list though.

Lodge, Ranch, Camp, Resort, Bed and Breakfast, Outdoor Adventure Group, Sled Dog Excursion, Snowmobile or ATV Rental, Segway Tour, SUP and Kayak Tour, Rock Climbing Facility, Go-Cart, Aerial Adventure, Escape Room, Dinner Theatre on a Train, Museum, Cultural Facility, Art Gallery, Performance Theatre, Ballet or On-Stage Play, Festival, Live Event, etc.

Pathfinder is built for them all!

What Travellers will find value on Pathfinder365?

The types of Travellers that will find value on Pathfinder will be quite diverse, but will typically be interested in being active, exploring the world around them, are engaged with their community, and are interested in local cultures. And they’re curious!

They’re likely inclined to shop and plan online, and are probably relatively active on social media for the purpose of staying informed about their community, maintaining an awareness of the world, and staying connected with their friends and family.

They also tend to lean into technology to solve problems and simplify their lives, and are prone to adopting new apps and digital tools.

What upgrades and features does Pathfinder365 expect to deploy over the next couple years?

We have so much planned for the next 12 to 24 months!

Here’s a high-level snapshot:

Experience Booking System, Merch Stores, Virtual Tours, Virtual Festivals, Roadtripper AI, Search Aggregators, Dynamic Notifications, Intelligent Reminders, AdventureBoard, AdventureScramble, AdventurePoints, AdventurePortal

See the Business Tools and Traveller Tools pages (links off of the main page) for more information on these features.

More About Us:

Digging a Little Deeper

Pathfinder365 is a digital marketplace, where the needs of small tourism businesses and tourism seeking customers, are at the core of its design.

When Businesses activate their Pathfinder profile, they can showcase certain aspects of their business on the FREE Plan. And when they’re ready, they can bump things up with a Community Membership.

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