Pathfinder365 is a digital command centre, supporting the end-to-end needs of small to medium sized Canadian tourism businesses...from Discovery & Promotion, to Lead & Inquiry Management, to Booking & Scheduling. As we evolve our own technology, and leverage strategic integrations, our focus is the wholistic support and growth of the Canadian tourism industry. We're the first and only software company to create a powerful operational command centre for tourism businesses, and we aim to become the most useful platform for local and micro-tourism.

Existing platforms primarily showcase popular experiences, leaving much of the industry unsupported. Pathfinder stands apart by championing and promoting smaller businesses, aiming for inclusivity across the diverse tourism landscape.

In a world dominated by financially-driven algorithms and ads, travellers often miss out on lesser-known, but exceptional, experiences. Pathfinder365 seeks to rectify this imbalance by offering a fairer representation, ensuring a broader discovery of brilliant destinations.

Pathfinder365’s mission is to revolutionize the current landscape of tourism platforms, advocating for fairness and a more comprehensive view of available travel experiences, while providing a full suite of promotional and lead management tools for its business partners, and a suite of discovery tools for its travellers.

The effect of Businesses and Travellers coming together on Pathfinder365, in a more holistic, efficient and effective manner will be critically important to:

- Enhance each Businesses market reach

- Reengage the curiosity of Travellers, and delight them to explore more and try new things

- Grow our local tourism communities

- Improve the overall success of the tourism industry

- Enhance our overall economy

- Make a social impact! Travel and tourism have been proven to have a profound impact on:

- Reducing poverty and improving health, housing, education, and overall well-being

- Supporting diversity and inclusion

- Employing and offering opportunities to people from all walks of life, including minorities, youth, and women

- Protecting and engaging vulnerable groups and communities

- Fostering innovation and the preservation of local heritage and culture

Whether we explore locally or abroad, we’re all Travellers. Onward together!

Pathfinder365 Solutions

When Travellers activate their Pathfinder365 login, the interactive map, and the full suite of Traveller tools, are completely FREE to use.

When Businesses engage with Pathfinder365, they’ll have the option to determine the types of tools and level of collaboration they prefer, from discovery and promotion, to lead and inquiry management, and soon, to booking and scheduling.

Discovery and Promotion

1. If business owners simply want to promote their business and make it more discoverable, they can harness the power of our entire suite of discovery tools on the Discovery Site, for FREE!

They'll have access to a variety of benefits, such as:

- Be showcased on the Map

- Display their business information in the Business Overview section

- Showcase a limited number of photos in the Business section

- Promote and sell their merchandise and swag in the Merch Store

- Share their business, events, festivals, experiences with the Share-it tool

- Showcase unlimited photos in the Business Media section

- Showcase unlimited videos in the Business Media section

- Promote their Experiences and collect inquiries

- Promote their Experiences and schedule, book and transact sales directly through the system

- Let people know about their job openings in the Job Board

- Keep everyone apprised of upcoming events and festivals in the Events & Festivals tool

- Announce that their Business is for Sale

- Let people know when their Business is closed for the season

- Contribute to Pathfinder’s development direction by suggesting and upvoting new features

- Work with Pathfinder to develop a high-quality Virtual Tour

- Interact with and travellers with Live Chats

- Promote their business socials with Social Media links

- Capture more follows with a Newsletter capture link

- Keep everyone informed with the Live Updates Feed

And much more to come…

Lead and Inquiry Management

2. If business owners want to take advantage of our dynamic Lead Management System, they can opt to purchase this for just $397 per month, or $3,970 per year (2 months free on the annual plan).

The Lead Management System includes a wealth of fantastic tools:


- Missed-Call Text-Backs

- Email/SMS Automation Workflows

- Email/Phone Analytics & Reporting

- Automatic Review Requests

- Unified Conversation Manager

- Social Media Scheduling

- Email Campaigns & Newsletters

- Reputation Manager

- Website Builder

- Landing Page Funnel Builder

- Forms

- Surveys

- ZappyChat AI Chatbot

Booking and Scheduling

3. And finally, if business owners want to offer their customers the option to book, schedule and transact their awesome experiences, packages or events directly through our system, soon, this will be an option as well.

As a community member, you’ll receive a platform that’s equipped with an impressive suite of tools specifically designed for your business type, a professional ally that actually listens to, and values your needs, and a tourism aggregator that wants everyone to be successful, not just the top ten. And as we persist to grow and expand, we'll continue to add more features and tools that benefit your business, enhance your efficiency and revenue production, and help you thrive with less effort.

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