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We'll regularly be posting about updates and new feature announcements here. So keep an eye on this page. There's also a link on the app that will notify you.

Updates in Progress

February, 2024


In Development


Past Updates

January, 2024

  • Persist traveller or business view upon page refresh
  • Auto fill email from claim business flow when logging in
  • FIX: automatically update the business menu after tool purchase without having to refresh the page
  • New login method in Experiences, Events and Jobs - login redirect step
  • Lead Management System integration
  • Purchase flow styling updates and naming convention changes
  • Automatically archive tools when payment becomes invalid
  • LMS changes - setup recurring payments through stripe subscriptions API
  • Setting up robust custom templated pages for business tools aggregations for traveller view
  • Testing all code review tasks on local machine in readiness for a test deploy
  • FIX: grey side banners when user uses share-it links
  • General code bug fixes from test deploy review
  • Menu items tool theme based on users authentication ( business/traveller/guest)
  • Handling stripe subscription renewal improvements
  • Implemented a number of awesome UX/UI design changes

December, 2023

  • Lead Management System (LMS) now fully integrated, and ready to onboard clients in January
  • Continued working on the other side of the AdventureSuitcase, where travellers can map out the places they've been
  • Added a new quick-access toolbar at the top of the Discovery Site
  • And, you guessed it, a lot of nifty design and functionality updates

November, 2023

  • Black Friday Community Membership Sale
  • AdventureSuitcase - We've added a favourites tool
  • Flex Plan Community Membership Menu Board System
  • Integrating a comprehensive Lead Management System
  • Added an on-platform product tour

October, 2023

  • AI Chatbot integration
  • Search by Address, City and Province
  • More businesses have photos
  • First iteration of the AdventureSuitcase favourites tool

September, 2023

  • Variations in map pin colours, identifying our primary tourism pillars, Where to Stay, Where to Play, Where to Shop, Events & Festivals
  • We've expanded across all of Canada! East, West, Maritimes and Territories
  • Businesses can now collect their own Newsletter subscribers through Pathfinder365

August, 2023

  • Map cluster enhancements - business clusters breakout earlier so you can see more individual businesses at a higher zoom level
  • Business Dashboard - you can view all of your tools at a high level, in one spot
  • Business category filters - now you can filter the map based on Where to Play, Where to Stay, Where to Shop and Events & Festivals
  • Mobile design updates
  • Active Business checkmark
  • Hamburger menu tweaks
  • UX/UI gets more cool updates

July, 2023

  • Events & Festivals aggregation and filtering, including a geography selector
  • More dynamic updates for Events & Festival creation flow
  • Share-it! is in even more places
  • Province selector view for business pins on the map
  • Traveller and Business toggle view in the hamburger menu
  • New clean design for Experiences in the Business Dashboard

June, 2023

  • Event Listings v.1 - in addition to listing their jobs and experiences, businesses can now list their events! More to come on this one. We've just launched the very first iteration, but we're already working on enhancements and new features to attach to this tool
  • Save to Home Screen popup on mobile
  • Building the infrastructure for exciting campaigns like the AdventurePassport
  • Map Pin accuracy improvements
  • New and improved photo uploader

May, 2023

  • Share-it v.1 - Businesses and Travellers can share Business profiles and Experiences with the world!
  • Job Board v.1 - Now Businesses can showcase the jobs they have available!
  • Map marker photo is now the primary photo in a business profile
  • Tools in the hamburger menu have been scrubbed from what's coming down the road, to what's coming right away
  • Continuous profile browsing: when you have one business profile open, you can now simply click another profile on the map, and you'll go directly into that profile, without having to close the first one
  • When you're browsing around but haven't signed in, now you won't lose your place, because after you sign-in, the system will pop you right back to where you left off
  • Now when you paste your business or product information into a text editor box, it automatically reverts it to plain text, so you don't have to deal with any weird artifacts that are being pulled from the text source

April, 2023

  • Snazzy new design for Desktop Business Profiles, similar to the Mobile design
  • Business social icons added to Business Profiles
  • Three thinking dots added to more places, so users know when the system is processing something
  • New Business Nudge and Claim bubble on Mobile and Desktop
  • Clean design for Experience popups on Mobile and Desktop
  • Tweaks & Fixes:
    • In the Business profile, when you hit save, but some required fields haven't been completed, the three loading dots appear and won't go away - fixed
    • Keyword search bar gets overridden by the map populating - keyword locked out until map loads
    • Experience inquiry button wasn't pulling in business email - now it is
    • Mobile experience display was a little squished - fixed
    • Hamburger menu scroll bar wasn't activating the entire way - now it is
    • Business side panel fonts are a little bigger, and social icons have been moved below the main block of info

March, 2023

  • A variety of other styling and tech improvements
  • Link to Update page (this page) launched on app site
  • Link to main site launched on app site
  • Redesigned Pathfinder's social media icons in the hamburger menu
  • Removed the double scroll on Business Profile side panel. Yes I know this is small, but it's been a lingering thing for a while, and IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS!
  • Design tweaks to the Experiences listed in the Business Profile side panel, we're not done here yet
  • Smoother click on map clusters
  • About section now lives on the main site, at the bottom of the home page
  • User location integration...so the map zooms in where you are, to start your journey, on mobile and desktop
  • MB, AB and BC businesses added to the map
  • Slick new design in the hamburger menu
  • Entirely new design for the business profiles on mobile
  • Single click to zoom in on cluster pins
  • Sexy new design for map pins...way too sexy for this map
  • Experiences can now be deleted
  • Add-ons can now be edited

February, 2023

  • New content site created
  • Separate photo uploader for map photo created
  • Keyword search on map implemented
  • Map business profile clusters in place
  • Business Description/Experience Description updates
  • Increased the character count from 500 to 1000
  • Character countdown feature
  • Formatting text editor enabled
  • Business Profile and Experience photo sizes increased from 1MB to 5MB each
  • New look for Experience Creation flow
  • New look for Business Dashboard info page
  • New look for Business Experiences page
  • Boring technical updates

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