Who We Are:

1. Pathfinder365

Pathfinder365 is a digital command centre, supporting the end-to-end needs of small to medium sized Canadian tourism businesses...from Discovery & Promotion, to Lead & Inquiry Management, to Booking & Scheduling. As we evolve our own technology, and leverage strategic integrations, our focus is the wholistic support and growth of the Canadian tourism industry. We're the first and only software company to create a powerful operational command centre for tourism businesses, and we aim to become the most useful platform for local and micro-tourism.

Existing platforms primarily showcase popular experiences, leaving much of the industry unsupported. Pathfinder stands apart by championing and promoting smaller businesses, aiming for inclusivity across the diverse tourism landscape. In a world dominated by financially-driven algorithms and ads, travellers often miss out on lesser-known, but exceptional, experiences. Pathfinder365 seeks to rectify this imbalance by offering a fairer representation, ensuring a broader discovery of brilliant destinations.

Pathfinder fills the gaps that tourism industry organizations aren't able to support, and connects and harmonizes the efforts of these national, regional and civic entities, building a singular, diverse and enhanced digital space for Canadian tourism. By harnessing the collective benefits of a marketplace built on an interactive map interface, a dynamic suite of value-centric tools, and an ethical-algorithm environment, Pathfinder is positioned to become the most influential digital aggregator for the local and micro-tourism industry.

With our focus on supporting every tourism business’ success, and putting the power of curiosity and discovery back in the hands of travellers, we have the potential to positively affect tens of thousands of small businesses across Canada, nurture new entrants, cultivate the expansion of inter-provincial and international travel, and make a positive economic impact on the 96-billion-dollar Canadian tourism industry.

Pathfinder365’s mission is to revolutionize the current landscape of tourism platforms, advocating for fairness and a more comprehensive view of available travel experiences, while providing a full suite of promotional, lead management, and soon, booking and scheduling, tools for its business partners, and a suite of discovery tools for its travellers.

2. Core Values

- A culture of purpose and inspiration

- A workplace where people look forward to Monday

- A culture where autonomy, ideas, curiosity and creativity are nurtured and encouraged

- The status-quo is to disrupt the status-quo

- Innovation is the theme of the day, every day

- A culture of radical candor

- Leadership guided by empathy

- We give a $hit!

3. Why Pathfinder365?

Pathfinder is the first digital tourism platform that's been created with the value for its users at the core of its design; the small to medium sized tourism businesses, and the curious explorers. Pathfinder was built with a specific need in mind, to provide connection and awareness, through transparency, authenticity, and fairness, and to be incredibly useful.


- Pathfinder is a platform that lets Travellers control their exploration journey, not algorithms and popularity indexing parameters

- Pathfinder provides all tourism businesses with an equal opportunity to showcase their fantastic products and services.

- Pathfinder is a promotional tool designed for SME's, not for the top 1% of popular Experiences and elite tier destinations

- Pathfinder will seek out and incorporate user feedback, with the goal of making this the "perfect" multi-tooled platform for tourism businesses

- Pathfinder is a marketing, scheduling and booking platform, where the Businesses decide how they want to contribute

- Pathfinder is a platform that will actively promote itself and its Businesses through social media, Google, networking, industry organizers, influencers, and any other tools it can incorporate

- Pathfinder is a marketplace that spotlights its members and brings communities together

- Pathfinder is a platform that will continuously look for ways to grow and add value for its Businesses and its Travellers, by adding features, tools and functionality that will enhance its usefulness

- Pathfinder provides data transparency for its Businesses, to enable them to make better informed decisions

- Pathfinder will put Saskatchewan tourism on a map with the rest of the country, and the international market, steadily expanding our reach into new markets, and infusing our economy with new dollars


- An unmatched Lead Management System, that includes:

- CRM, Missed-Call Text-Backs, Email Automations, Phone/Email Analytics & Reporting, Automatic Review Requests, Unified Conversation Manager, Social Media Scheduling, Email Campaigns & Newsletters, Reputation Manager, Website Builder, Landing Page Funnel Builder, Forms and Surveys...and our support!

- Enhance your exposure to Canadian and global audiences

- Broaden your access to new customers and revenue streams

- A dynamic and user-friendly connection hub, offering limitless promotional opportunities

- A unique and cost-effective platform to add to your digital marketing toolkit

- A comprehensive, and ever-evolving suite of discovery tools, to promote all of your Experiences, Job Openings, Upcoming Events, Announcements, Updates, Offers, Merchandise, etc.

- Pathfinder365 actively works for its business partners and consistently adds new features and tools to your digital toolkit

- You'll be a part of a community that’s strategically positioned to make a huge positive social impact

- The only digital tourism platform that’s working to harmonize the efforts and strategies of our tourism industry organizations, like ITAC, TIAC and Destination Canada, to fill the gaps they’re simply not designed to fill, and support them to do even more for you

- The only tourism community marketplace that provides travellers with a comprehensive suite of features and tools, enhancing how they engage with our business community members

- Access to resources, funding, and industry-relevant information

- The Pathfinder365 team is constantly coming up with new ideas, new tools, new promotions, and new strategies…seriously…all the time.

- We give a $hit

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